London Studio: EyePet just the start, thinking franchise

According to lead developer Nic Doucet, SCE London Studio isn’t thinking one and done in regards to EyePet. The studio believes and intends to make the augmented reality pet game a weird franchise for an audience that refuses to get a real cat.

“For us, it’s the beginning,” lead developer Doucet told VG247 in a recent phone conversation. “We’re creating a franchise. We’re hoping to really rally a lot of support and have a big success.”

“The intention is to build something bigger than a single game.”

Wait we will to see what EyePet indeed deserves a couple spin-off games and whatever else comes with a franchise. Earlier this month SCE confirmed that the North American version of the title wouldn’t make it out of London Studio in time for a holiday release. It’s now set to hit in the 2010 window, with further, hopefully more specific details coming “very soon.”

Brad BradNicholson