LOL WUT: Dreamkiller out now on Steam, still confuses me

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I saw what appears to be an acid/vomit-covered woman with long arms firing a gun, which seems way too heavy for her frame, at Medusa-looking creatures. Am I missing anything?

A little odd, even by my bizarre standards. Oh wait, I forgot — Dreamkiller is a game about a psychologist entering her patients’ minds to confront (re: mutilate the s**t out of) their inner demons. In other words, the action is all taking place in a setting void of real life rules, so anything goes.

Dreamkiller doesn’t make any sense, but that’s because it doesn’t have to. Anyway, the in-your-face FPS is available for PC on Steam as of today. Somewhat of a stealth release, but I was also getting this version mixed up with the Xbox 360 one due out later this month, so that wasn’t helping matters.

Jordan Devore
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