LOL Sports: ESPN streaming to Xbox 360 soon?

The Xbox 360 gets some kind of new content all the time. I’m in this to play games, so I don’t really pay much mind to any of the features that are added. I know that’s just me, but I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, or movies or anything like that on my consoles. Just games. The newest rumored addition is something I can assure you I’d never ever use.

The rumor is that there are talks of launching something called ESPN360. Users could stream live sporting events direct to their console. An anonymous source says that streams may come to the console on a per-subscriber fee, and that related interactive games could be included.

Sports fans, would you get down with this? I can’t see anyone picking this over their standard delivery method. Making it a pay service would probably be even worse. Then again, if you’ve canceled your cable or satellite service, this would be great. What do I know? I can’t even throw a football.

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Dale North