Xbox Live community manager Christa Phillips has revealed the HOT PROTIP SECRETS of getting your girlfriend (omg lol) into gaming. WOWZERZORZ! According to her panel at PAX, Phillips had but one amazing bit of advice on how to get your lady into gaming, even though it’s probably a less dumb move to date people who actually share your interests. The advice is simply this: Don’t be a jerk!!!!!!!!!

Sounds obvious enough, but the statement earned knowing laughs and enthusiastic applause from the standing-room-only crowd gathered for the “How to Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming” panel at the Penny Arcade gaming convention in Seattle recently.

Seems some of you game-playing gents like to throw the controller, use four-letter words and ignore company when you’re immersed in a video game. And that’s just no way to convince your sweetie to forego date night for a little co-op “Castle Crashers.” “The game becomes the enemy, like sports,” said Phillips.

The five girl-gamer panelists had other advice for the audience of 100-plus: Don’t impose your favorite game on your gal pal. “Girlfriends may not be into ‘Halo,’ but they might like something else, so don’t force ‘Halo‘ on them and expect them to love gaming,” said Cori Roberts, editor of

Oh that wacky observational gender comedy, what WILL those comedians think of next? I know, they should do a panel on how like, women are TIDY and men are UNTIDY! Or like, how, like, y’know, like, like, how men do SOMETHING and women do SOMETHING ELSE THAT IS NOT THE THING THAT THE MAN DOES! Wouldn’t that be simply darling? Wouldn’t that be so delicious you could just eat it up with scrummy pancakes and strawberry kissdrops!?

Wouldn’t that be clever … ?

Jim Sterling