Logitech launches ‘premium’ Wii music game controllers

Both the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii and the Wireless Drum Controller for Wii look like pretty solid offerings. Fancy-pants, if you will. They’re both Activision approved, so they’ll work with Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero. They look to be quite high-end, almost like the real things.

The guitar has a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and metal frets, just like the real deal. It also has a pick guard, noise dampening, and even a touch sensitive slider on the fret board for finger tapping. Damn. That’s better than my real guitar. The drums use parts that are closer to that of professional digital drums, and even have adjustable heights and positioning. The drum controller actually folds up flat for easy portability. For both the guitar and drums, you Wii Remote snaps inside the instrument.

As these are closer to real instruments, you’ll pay prices that are close to that of real instruments. The guitar will go for $199 and the drums for $229 when they both launch in the US in October.

Dale North