Lock’s Quest developer announcing new game on December 5

If you read our Destructoid review of Lock’s Quest, then you’ll know that I am a definite fan of 5th Cell’s excellent Tower Defense style strategy game. It is with great interest then, that I hear 5th Cell will be hopping into bed with IGN to announce a brand new videogame.

With games like Drawn to Life and Lock’s Quest, 5th Cell makes some pretty interesting titles, and the underrated developer is promising that this new one will commit to the studio’s goals of bringing new and innovative things to gamers.

“We built upon the experience and evolving technology from our previous titles to deliver something to the player that is completely new,” claims Creative Director Jeremiah Slaczka. “This title is innovative, engaging and completely unique.  We look forward to sharing it with everyone on December 5th.” 

I love this studio after their last game, so I shall look forward to hearing what announcement Friday brings.

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