Load the Fap Cannon: Cammy coming to Street Fighter IV (fans simply coming)

Fans have wanted it (mostly the ones with suspicious creases in the center of their pants) and Capcom has delivered it — yes folks, Cammy is heading to Street Fighter IV. She topped a poll from Capcom that asked which character gamers wanted to see most in SF IV, so now that she is said to be “definitely in the game,” the Internet may rejoice.

Cammy is a firm favorite (emphasis on firm) with Street Fighter fans, and the British agent in a glorified swimsuit is one of the series’ most memorable characters. There are also plenty more depraved and foul things I could say, but you can either use your imaginations or just type “Cammy” into Google Image Search with the safety function switched off. I know I have. 

While we’re on the subject of new characters, there’s also a rumor that Sheng Long will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show. No further details from there, but it seems Capcom is still mulling over the cast list, stating that:

“Figuring out the right number of characters is a lot like chess. You need to know the rules well, and things need to be balanced properly. We’ll see what we end up with.”

Now that Cammy is in, and assuming we may see Sheng Long soon, who else from the SF back catalog would you like to see make an appearance? Or do you want some more brand new characters?

James Stephanie Sterling