Live show: Tokyo Jungle with Jon Carnage

[Mash Tactics airs Monday through Friday at 4p.m. Pacific on Dtoid.TV. Watch King Foom play a variety of games, each day with its own theme. With a heavy focus on community and viewer interaction, you can be as much a part of the show as anything else.]

Well, well, what a shocking surprise, … more Tokyo Jungle on Mash Tactics. We just can’t get enough of this game on the show, and the crowd seems to enjoy it as well, so hell, why not? If just hanging out and watching Tokyo Jungle wasn’t enough, we have a special surprise in store for the crowd tonight. The one and only original host of Mash Tactics, and current Twitch.Tv content director, Jon Carnage, will be joining me on Skype as we both try to survive as long as we can in the Tokyo wasteland. 

If you’ve been missing some Carnage in your life, or just want to catch another glimpse of this amazingly unique title before it’s upcoming U.S. release, you owe it to yourself to come by and hang out with the Dtoid.TV community this evening! 

Rick KingFoom Olson