Live show: Superman vs. Baby Panay in Just Cause 2

Expect. Madness.

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If you haven’t seen one of my heavily modded Just Cause 2 ‘casts before, do yourself a favor, and make sure to tune into Mash Tactics tonight. This isn’t the everyday Just Cause 2 you may be thinking of, our Just Cause 2 has nuclear powered rocket launchers, cars that sail across the water at insane speeds, firetrucks that defy physics, and much, much more. As well, in celebration of the new Man of Steel movie coming out soon, we’ve slapped a Superman skin on Rico, and gave him the power of flight, super speed, and invincibility to help him combat the evils of Panau. Come check it out on Dtoid.TV.

QotD: What game have you had the most fun modding?

Rick KingFoom Olson