Live show: SoulCalibur V CE unboxing on Mash Tactics

Today, Mash Tactics is bringing you the goods on SoulCalibur V. Carnage and Wesley got their hands on the collector’s edition of the new Namco Bandai bout and they are unboxing it live on air! After that, the guys are celebrating the occasion by firing up some of the more classic SoulCalibur games for your viewing pleasure. Tune in to get a sneak peek at this packed collector’s edition.

Mash Tactics airs Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. Pacific. Watch Jon Carnage and Wesley Ruscher down energy drinks and freestyle rap about the human perineum on Destructoid’s Twitch TV channel. Also, there are videogames being played. Join us for your chance to win prizes, talk to industry guests, and witness all of the glorious antics.

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