Live Show: Saturday Morning Hangover thinks with portals

This morning on Saturday Morning Hangover, we’re going to make probably our biggest mistake ever: Operate under the assumption that we are able to handle physics puzzles this early in the day. Jordan and I will be attempting the cooperative portion of Portal 2 today, which ought to be amusing.

In the first hour of our show, as per usual, we’ll be playing the week’s Xbox Live Indie Games releases. And Katrina is excited because she has a BIG DAY planned for herself that will no doubt become a topic of conversation. 

It’s all happening right now, as it does every Saturday at 10 am Pacific, right now over on Destructoid’s channel. Come hang out with Jordan, Katrina, myself and all the goons in our chat. You never know who’s going to drop in and say hello. Maybe it’ll be you?

Conrad Zimmerman