Live Show: Saturday Morning Hangover just chills

[Tune in to Saturday Morning Hangover every Saturday at 10am Pacific for the latest Xbox Live Indie Games, co-op play and assorted hijinks. Hosted by Conrad ZimmermanJordan Devore and the lovely Katrina. We have a couch! Come join us live on Destructoid’s channel!]

This week on Saturday Morning Hangover, we’re taking it down a notch and pumping out the smooth jams. Kick back, relax and join Jordan Devore, the lovely Katrina and myself for a morning of senseless acts of cruelty as we play the week’s Xbox Live Indie Games demos. Afterwards, Jordan and I will make another one of our now legendary attempts to cooperate with one another in Portal 2.

Oh, and Hamza mentioned something this morning about giving away a code for Battlefield 3. Yeah, I know why you’re really tuning in but I don’t care. I’m just that desperate for the attention. Come hang out with us live right now on Destructoid’s channel!

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