Live show: Saturday Morning Hangover is a contender

[Tune in to Saturday Morning Hangover every Saturday at 10am Pacific for the latest Xbox Live Indie Games, co-op play and assorted hijinks. Hosted by Conrad ZimmermanJordan Devore and the lovely Katrina. We have a couch! Come join us live on Destructoid’s channel!]

Time once again for the Hangover to prove why we don’t play sports. Today on the show, we’ll be playing the week’s Xbox Live Indie Games releases (if we can find them in the new marketplace). Following that, we’ll be checking out Fight Night Champion, specifically the a la carté “Champion Mode” which gives you just the single-player campaign and none of the extra stuff in the game. Neat!

So come join us for another morning of coffee-fueled discontent! It’s all going down right now over on Destructoid’s channel!

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