Live Show: Mega Man Legends 2 on Backlog!

[Backlog is the ongoing quest to rid Conrad Zimmerman’s collection of unfinished games. As voted on by the Destructoid community, Conrad plays each game from start to finish live on Destructoid’s channel every weeknight at 8pm Pacific]

On Friday, we started in on Mega Man Legends 2. For a game more than ten years old, and a 3D shooter at that, it’s surprising how impressed I’ve been by the opening hours. The character designs go a long way in helping and are an example of doing great design by making use of your limitations, as they feel totally appropriate to the low-polygon count models. Plus, every cutscene has featured full voice work which is something I did not see coming.

I am playing more Mega Man Legends 2 live right now. You can come and hang out with me and the chat goons as I delve deeper into the mystery of the Motherlode and deal with the catastrophe that inevitably results from awakening a child trapped in a crystal. It’s all happening right now over on Destructoid’s channel!

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