Live show: Mash Tactics gets ‘filthie’ with SoulCalibur V

Today, Mash Tactics is playing the upcoming SoulCalibur V from Namco Bandai. This highly-anticipated addition to the illustrious SoulCalibur legacy isn’t due to hit North America until January 31st, but Mash Tactics is always driven to bring the VIP treatment to the community. To make things official, and to show how the game should be played, Carnage and Wesley will be joined by Namco Bandai’s own Rich Bantegui (FilthieRich)!

Come watch and chat with us live as we check out all of SoulCalibur V’s bursting new features. Gamers have spent hours with SoulCalibur‘s extensive character creation feature, and have been delighted to play as cameo characters crossed over from other franchises. SoulCalibur V carries on this tradition with the, somewhat surprising, inclusion of Ezio Auditore da Firenze from the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Mash Tactics airs Monday through Friday at 4pm Pacific. Watch Jon Carnage and Wesley Ruscher down energy drinks and freestyle rap about the human perineum on Destructoid’s Twitch TV channel. Also, there are videogames being played. Join us for your chance to win prizes, talk to industry guests, and witness all of the glorious antics.

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