Live show: League of Legends with LT3

Hell has frozen over

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So I hear this League of Legends thing is kind of a big deal. At least that’s what the constant massive numbers for anything League on Twitch.TV tell me anyways. While these types of games aren’t really my thing, I figured it’s about that time to at least try it out this evening on Mash Tactics. Feel free to join me as I play my very first game, and more than likely get my ass shredded by not only the players, but by the community and live crowd as well. 

As a special treat, we’ll once again be joined by one of the lovely ladies of LT3. This time, it’ll be the fun, and slightly off the wall, ZomgACrayon, who is known around her community for her League of Legends skills, as well as her skills in trolling. I’ve already planned on her carrying me through this tonight, lets cross our fingers that it all works out. 

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