Live show: Hangover looks at all the pretty colors

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[Tune in to Saturday Morning Hangover every Saturday at 10am Pacific for the latest Xbox Live Indie Games, co-op play and assorted hijinks. Hosted by Conrad ZimmermanJordan Devore and the lovely Katrina. We have a couch! Come join us live on Destructoid’s channel!]

We’re up early so, damn it, you have to be to. It’s time again for Saturday Morning Hangover. There’s a decent crop of new Xbox Indies to check out, with even the bad games looking like they may have some merit. And then, in the second half of our show, join the gang for a playful romp through the Mushroom Kingdom as we fire up New Super Mario Bros. Wii because, well, because I said so. This is going to drive Jordan bonkers.

Come join the show right now. We’re hanging out with you, playing games and shooting the breeze in a semi-conscious state over on Destructoid’s channel!

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