Live show: Grand Theft Auto V midnight release

It’s about that time, the time for crime

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Make sure to join us for a special late-night episode of Mash Tactics this evening, as we showcase the first few hours of what might just be the biggest title to grace this console generation, Grand Theft Auto V. I’ll be scampering off while drooling in anticipation to get my copy at a local midnight release, and will then rush home as quick as possible to pop this bad boy in and get going. Depending on the lines and so on, expect the show to go live at approximately 12:30am Central.

Also, since this is a like a national holiday and all, or something, I’ll be doing what everyone does on holidays. Yup, that’s right, getting together with friends and grabbing some beers. I’ll be inviting some friends from the live channel to hop on Skype with me while we pound some back and check out the game. I mean really, GTA V, buddies, and brews, does it get any better than that? Come be a part of it tonight at Dtoid.TV!

QotD: What would be your ideal gaming get together?

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