Live show: Dragon’s Prophet closed beta gameplay

Muthafunkin’ DRAGONS, yo!

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So, allow me to start things off by saying I don’t really know much about Dragon’s Prophet, other than that it has a lot of “motherf*cking dragons” in it, as told to me by one of the developers. Also, I know that it’s a slick-looking F2P MMO, and that it’s still in its closed beta stage. If that just so happened to pique your interest, as it did mine, then be sure to come by and watch Mash Tactics this evening to learn more about what is going with this game exactly.

I’ve been handed a high-level account for tonight’s broadcast, so expect to possibly see a few disgruntled hardcore players shake their heads, as I fumble around with some of the top-tier abilities, in zones I have no right to be in. We’ll also be chatting with a couple of the developers at the beginning of the show, as well as giving away a few instant access beta keys to a few lucky viewers, so be sure to get over to Dtoid.TV a bit early, for your chance to jump in!

QotD: What is your favorite game with the word dragon in the title?

Rick KingFoom Olson