Live show: Dragon’s Prophet beta key giveaway

A community dragon collecting get together!

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Last week when we showcased some closed beta gameplay of Dragons Prophet, I had no idea what to expect, as I hadn’t really heard much about the game at the time. Well, all of that has changed considerably, and now I can’t shut up about how amazing it is, and how excited I am for its eventual release. You really need to watch Mash Tactics tonight and see this game in action for yourself. I think you’ll walk away pleasantly surprised at the very least, or like me, you may just find your latest gaming addiction. 

Dragons Prophet is still under a pretty hefty NDA, so you won’t really catch many live streams of the game going on outside of its official live channel. However, not only do we have permission to stream it tonight, we also have a huge amount of beta keys to giveaway to the live crowd. As well, the awesome peeps over at SOE have encouraged me to get the viewers in on the action after the giveaway is over, for a bit of a community get together. Be sure to get over to Dtoid.TV early for your chance to grab a key, and join in on our epic dragon hunting adventures!

QotD: What’s your favorite type of dragon?

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