Live Show: Digging into Mega Man Legends 2 on Backlog!

[Backlog is the ongoing quest to rid Conrad Zimmerman’s collection of unfinished games. As voted on by the Destructoid community, Conrad plays each game from start to finish live on Destructoid’s channel every weeknight at 8pm Pacific]

We’re delving further into the mystery of the Mother Lode tonight on Backlog as we continue playing Mega Man Legends 2. Mega Man is on the hunt for some ancient keys and has already crossed paths with Tron Bonne near some ruins reported to house the first in the set. And now the village in which their epic confrontation took place has been leveled and it’s going to require Mega Man to come up with a million Zenny in “donations” to fix the place up. Why does everything wind up on his square, blue shoulders?

Join me for more fun as I play live and hang out with the chat goons. I’ll be playing Mega Man Legends 2 for the next couple of hours and chatting with you over on Destructoid’s channel!

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