Live Show: Backlog plays more Zone of the Enders 2

We kicked off the fourth series of Backlog which, as voted on by you lovely people reading Destructoid, has me playing Hideo Kojima’s other series, Zone of the Enders. We’re two hours in to The 2nd Runner and it’s been a lot of very frantic dashing, blocking and flailing with the lock-on system.

But the game looks pretty damn good. I thought that I would be spoiled by my fancy, shiny HD graphics but ZoE: The Second Runner holds up surprisingly well. Plus, I think the fate of Mars may hang in the balance. You can bet your ass that I’m getting my ass there as quickly as possible. This is some fun stuff.

So come join us on Destructoid’s channel (and every night at 9pm Pacific) for more fun with the chat folks and myself on Backlog!

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