Live Show: Backlog now has even more Killer 7

Listen, people. We need to have a talk. A talk about you and me. See, when I started doing Backlog (weeknights at 10pm on Destructoid’s channel), I felt as if you and I were doing something wonderful together. We were working through the games as a unit, with you feeding me useful information and tips when I would struggle.

Last night, some fourteen hours into Killer 7, I first discovered the map. It took fourteen hours for me to stumble upon it on my own (in my defense, there are screens in which the menus just don’t come up when their buttons are pressed). That’s fourteen hours of stumbling around aimlessly, backtracking, running in circles and generally being lost. At any time, someone could have said, “Why don’t you use the map?” Fourteen hours.

Tune in right now for another installment of Backlog wherein I spend an hour playing Killer 7, finding out that you can jump or something similarly basic. Join in with the rest of the chorus of sniggers in the chat room. You bastards.

Conrad Zimmerman