Live Show: Backlog may finish Mega Man Legends 2

[Backlog is the ongoing quest to rid Conrad Zimmerman’s collection of unfinished games. As voted on by the Destructoid community, Conrad plays each game from start to finish live on Destructoid’s channel every weeknight at 8pm Pacific]

We’re close to the conclusion of Mega Man Legends 2 on Backlog. On the verge of collecting the final key and unlocking the secrets of the Mother Lode, there is not a whole lot further to go and it’s possible that we could finish the game tonight. No promises, but I’m feeling sassy.

Tune in to see how I fare as I play live! I’ll be hanging out with the chat goons, talking about this and that and doing everything in my power not to make fun of the name “Volnutt” again. It’s all going down right now on Destructoid’s channel!

Conrad Zimmerman