Live Show: Backlog extended play of Ratchet & Clank

Hey gang. So, it’s the Friday before E3 and I’m smack in the middle of playing Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time on Backlog. And I hate that I’m going to be gone for so long, unable to make progress while trapped in the maelstrom’s unholy eye at the Los Angeles Convention Center all next week. So I’ve decided to spend a little extra time with everyone tonight, starting early and staying late. No idea how long this train’s gonna run.

In fact, the show started about an hour ago. If you’ve been following along in the plot and are upset that you’ve missed something, don’t worry. I’ve just been dying in the Agorian Battleplex the entire time, trying to clear out goals that aren’t mission critical. But hurry on over because I’m probably getting tired of that by now.

I’m playing Ratchet & Clank live right now and hanging out with the goons in our chat room. Come on by and join us as we spend a relaxed evening together. It’s all happening on Destructoid’s channel!

Conrad Zimmerman