Live Show: Backlog ends the week on a 3D Dot note

[Backlog is the ongoing quest to rid Conrad Zimmerman’s collection of unfinished games. As voted on by the Destructoid community, Conrad plays each game from start to finish live on Destructoid’s channel every weeknight at 8pm Pacific]

It’s the end of another week and we’re chilling out with the totally-not-going-to-be-frustrating 3D Dot Game Heroes. I am not going to be flailing my arms in disgust and rage at the end of the two hours. Oh, who am I kidding? You all know better than that.

We’re on night two of this charming adventure. I’m on the lookout for great characters to play as on this adventure, so send me some great ideas. And come watch me play 3D Dot Game Heroes live and hang out with the chat goons right now over on Destructoid’s channel!

Conrad Zimmerman