Live Show: Backlog concludes Viewtiful Joe 2 tonight!

We’re almost at the climax of Viewtiful Joe 2 on Backlog. Tune in tonight to find out if Joe and Sylvia can save Captain Blue and the world from the evil Gedow forces. If such a thing can be said to have a top, rest assured, this game will probably find some way to go over it.

I honestly can’t say it’s been too terribly much fun for me. I understand the appeal. Hell, I love the first game. But this one often seems like it’s working quite hard at trying to come up with creative ways to fight bosses while often unsuccessful in guiding the player toward the optimal solution. As the sort of game intended for one to return to and refine techniques, this sort of design works out well but that apparently isn’t the sort of thing I want to play right now and isn’t the experience I recall as being more straightforward the first time around.

Regardless, it’s almost at an end. Tune in right now to see the finale of Backlog Series 3 on Destructoid’s channel. And don’t forget to cast your vote for the game which will be played in Series 4!



Conrad Zimmerman