Live show: A little bit of Lost Odyssey

Getting a start on my RPG backlog

[Mash Tactics airs Monday through Friday at 4p.m. Pacific on Dtoid.TV. Watch King Foom play a variety of games, each day with its own theme. With a heavy focus on community and viewer interaction, you can be as much a part of the show as anything else.]

The original plan for tonight’s Mash Tactics, was to show off some of the new maps that were recently released for Halo 4. However, after entertaining guests for almost a week, I’m exhausted, recuperating, and am probably not in the right frame of mind for a fast paced shooter. So instead, I’m going to be chilling out, and getting a start on my quite large RPG backlog. 

Be sure to stop by Dtoid.TV tonight, and hang out with the live crowd and myself for a laid back broadcast, featuring one of my favorites of this generation, Lost Odyssey. Obviously, tonight’s show will only be a very small taste of the game, but I do plan on bringing it back from time to time on days when there isn’t anything big going on. Hopefully you’ll come join us for the start of whats sure to be an amazing journey!

QotD: With it closing in quickly, are you ready for the next console generation? 

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