Live out your Gus Fring fantasies of transporting drugs in a chicken truck with Cartel Tycoon

I can’t feel my face

Think you could walk a kilometer in Pablo Escobar’s shoes? Do you have what it takes to bump other kingpins off their coca-leaf-lined perch? Step up and take on the stress of running an empire.

TinyBuild’s newest game is the Moon Moose-developed Cartel Tycoon, a management sim for entrepreneurial drug trade. This strategy game is set in Colombia in the 80, and has players handling all the logistics of running a coke and weed empire. Farming, production lines, smuggling, selling, money laundering — it’s all the day-to-day that you have to manage. Oh, and then rival cartels try to murder you.

For those who have paid attention to other fictional drug yarns, Cartel Tycoon seemingly pays homage to Breaking Bad by saying it enables “[establishing] … legal goods like chicken, spices, and vegetables to hide narcotics for smuggling.” The truck better say Pollos Hermanos.

Cartel Tycoon starts slinging in Quarter 4 on PC. You can get a taste today though with a free demo that’s on Steam. The first hit’s always free.

Brett Makedonski
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