Live in the UK? Check out a Resident Evil 5 special on Bravo this weekend!

Have you heard of this game? Resident Evil 5? Yeah, who knows. Sounds kind of silly if you ask me.

But if you’re interested and want the scoop — and also live in the UK — you might want to tune into Bravo at 11 A.M. this Sunday. That’s when the Resident Evil 5 special will air, complete with interviews with the dev team, previously unseen levels, and more. There’s even a look at the history of the franchise, in case (like me) you have no idea what this Resident Evil business is all about. 

For those in other areas of the world, I’m told the show will not be airing on Bravo in the United States. But Canadians can check it out on SuperChannel, and if you’re in South America stay tuned to VH1. Check your local listings for times and all that. 

As far as what I’ll be doing on Sunday … I’ll be playing Resident Evil 5. All day long until I finish it. Yeah, I said it. Our full review will be up on Thursday, March 12. 

Nick Chester