Live in Florida? Want to attend Infinite Bits for free?

Miami is a notoriously non-nerdy place — in fact, wearing a Mario t-shirt around here could even earn you a few weird looks. Thank the gods, some people choose to ignore that and make their own fun things to do here, and one of the ones we’re looking most ofrward to is the Infinite Bits convention coming this October. Boasting some solid guests along with gaming on every console you can possible imagine (and a few you’ve probably never seen in the flesh before), it sounds just like the kind of party we want to hit up.

I happen to have six codes that will ge tyou a free pass to this con, so if you want em, reply in the comments. I’ll give the codes to the first six people that reply and say “I live in the 305 and want Infinite Bits!” And yes, I am trying to save them for people that can actually attend the show — so unless you plan to travel here for it, please don’t claim a code you aren’t going to use. Okay….GO!

Colette Bennett