Live action Gravity Rush 2 trailer featuring anti-gravity cat is wild

Sir Isaac Mewton

Talk about going out of your way to make something cool to promote your game. SIE Japan released a four minute live action trailer about two Japanese sisters and their pet cat. We view an everyday apartment from the first-person perspective of one of the girls who is writing a report about Newton’s Law of Gravity. You know, that one law. Slowly, gravity starts to bend.

Obviously referencing the main character of the game, Kat, the trailer dubbed “Gravity Cat” uses the cat to first demonstrate that something is amiss with the gravity. Eventually they are shot out the window and smiling and laughing together, apparently ignorant that they’re likely about to die. Oh well, we got a cute cat and we’re flying! Hell yeah!

This well put-to-together and well acted commercial along with the claymation adverts for Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki are fun and make me want to see more unique trailers.

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