The best Live A Live tip: Don’t be afraid to take breaks and skip around stories

Live a Live tip 1

Some stories will have gameplay mechanics that inform other eras

Want a Live A Live tip? While the game is fairly straightforward (you do a series of individual stories that connect) there’s one big thing you can do to make everything easier: take some breaks, and don’t be afraid to drop in and out of stories.

As we talked about in the reviewLive A Live is actually comprised of several eras with unique protagonists (with their own sets of skills and equipment):

  • Prehistory
  • Imperial China
  • Edo Japan
  • Wild West
  • Present Day
  • Near Future
  • Distant Future

Starting with Imperial China is a good way to get acclimated with Live A Live

Another Live A Live tip: you can pick any of them to start with, and really, there’s no wrong choice. However! Imperial China is one of the most “ramp”-prone stories: meaning, it eases you in more than say, Edo Japan or Present Day, which kick off with higher-stakes combat.

Speaking of: combat! If you dive into a story (like the aforementioned two) and are immediately pressed with figuring out Live A Live‘s combat system, it’s totally okay to head to the main menu, then quit to the “character/story select” screen. From there you can head into an era that might have a better “intro” so to speak, with more time to breathe and learn how to approach the combat grid and the movement mechanic.

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