Live A Live Switch shipments/digital sales jump to 500,000 units

Live a Live Switch

Announced on a producer livestream

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Everyone involved with Live A Live Switch has a lot to celebrate, as a recent livestream just confirmed that the game has shipped + digital sold over 500,000 units. The news was confirmed by series steward Takashi Tokita on air at roughly 16:30 in the below video. Takashi Tokita served as director for the original game (among other duties), and was also a producer on the 2022 Switch edition.

It’s hard to believe that Live A Live clawed its way up from a 1994 SNES exclusive only released in Japan, to where it is today. It was only a glimmer in the eye of many JRPG fans, back in an era when importing was even tougher to do; but now it’s easily accessible on a worldwide marketplace, on the widely successful Switch no less. It just goes to show you how far game preservation can come when it’s done with care.

As of late, Tokita has been sharing a ton of fan art for the game, as well as stories from fans all over the world. Many of those fans are located in Japan, but there’s a wide spread of folks from multiple regions: showcasing the staying power (and wide appeal to this day) of Live A Live. How many other forgotten classics could get the same treatment? It’ll be fun to find out.

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