LittleBigPlanet user creates a tribute to Final Fantasy X

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Final Fantasy X is my favorite game in the Final Fantasy series. Feel free to go into the comments and wail and moan about Final Fantasy VII and Cloud and Aerith and how stupid I am all you want; for me, FFX is as good as it gets. The soundtrack of Final Fantasy X is especially memorable, and so it’s no surprise that this clever interpretation of the game’s opening theme,  “To Zanarkand”, captured my heart in all of a millisecond.

Spotted on NeoGAF, this video was created by LittleBigPlanet user Kirathian, who certainly has a handle on using the best of LBP‘s creative options to his or her advantage. This beautiful revisitation to one of my favorite games genuinely made my day.

[Via 1Up – Thanks, Joe]

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