LittleBigPlanet manual is just as colorful as the game

If you’re dying for more tidbits of information on LittleBigPlanet, I’ve got a brightly colored little goodie for you, courtesy of Kotaku: the game’s instruction manual! SCEA has made the 37-page booklet available online (download the PDF here), and it reveals some details on the game.

First off, there’s the game’s control scheme. Technically, I was already aware of this, since I played the game at PAX, but the woman who was demoing the game only told us the basics so we could make it through the level. Of note is the D-pad, which can be used to change your SackPerson’s (looks like that’s the official androgynous term) facial expression.

You can hit select at any time to bring up the “Good Grief!” menu, a tool for reporting levels featuring resemblances to genitalia and other offensive content (page 15 pleads for “nothing that would offend your granny”). There’s also a brief synopsis of the story mode, the existence of which was confirmed by PS3 Fanboy a while ago. Here’s what the book has to say (see page 10 for more):

[T]he residents of LittleBigPlanet™ need your help! Many characters and their creations have gone mysteriously missing and nobody knows why. You’ve arrived just in time: we need your help to unravel this worrying conundrum and catch the sneaky culprit…

The guidebook also includes plenty of information on what you can do in the game — which is, I suppose, just what you’d expect to find in an instruction manual. I’m just exceedingly happy that it’s a full-color manual; I can’t remember the last time I saw a manual that wasn’t in black-and-white. Folks, this is just the kind of stuff that you simply can’t get with digital distribution. I can’t wait to open my copy of LittleBigPlanet and flip through the manual while savoring that wonderful “new game smell.”

[Via Kotaku — thanks, Joe!]

Samit Sarkar