LittleBigPlanet gets The History Pack with Genghis Khan

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As always, Sackboy looks pretty awesome in everything you put him in. Take these new costumes from the History Costume Pack, for example: you get Genghis Khan, Mozart, Boudica and Ada Lovelace for a mere $2.99. How adorable! Mozart is easily my favorite, but I’m a sucker for that guy in the first place. If you don’t know who Boudica and Ada are, you should brush up on your knowledge over at the Media Molecule page!

There’s also a history kit that you can get for $3.99, featuring objects, materials, decor and more from the Oriental, Arabic, Egyptian, Gothic, Roman, Celtic, and Native American cultures. You also get The Pantheon in that deal, which seems to me to be the cheapest prive anyone could buy a historical structure for. Do you still buy costumes and other goodies for your sackboys to play with, or are you over the whole DLC thing?

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