LittleBigBeta is coming soon … in Japan

Siliconera is reporting that the LittleBigPlanet beta will be happening quite soon. A total of 60,000 people will be invited, but the invitations will be spread equally across North America, Europe, and Japan. Entering for an opportunity for the beta is as simple as downloading a ticket before September 23, but the problem is that as for right now, you need to have a Japanese PlayStation Network account.

People who win the drawing will be allowed to tool around with LBP’s stage creator until October 16 and presumably try out all the wicked sharing options included in the package. There has yet to be any indication by Sony Europe or America as to when players will be able to download tickets within their respective regions.

LBP is certainly an awesome title that has me insanely tickled, but I’ll be really happy when I see the beta offered in North America. Will any of you with Japanese PSN accounts try to sneak into this? Regardless of when, what will be the first thing you create?

Brad BradNicholson