Little Witch Academia game coming to the PS4

She got the moon in her eye

Little Witch Academia is a name I keep seeing pop up on my Twitter feed as an example of an enjoyable anime available on Netflix. It’s on my list of things to watch once I actually restart my subscription, something I should probably do sooner than later now that a video game adaptation in the works.

Bandai Namco announced today it will release a Little Witch Academia game in Japan later this year. Titled Little Witch Academia: Toki no Mahō to Nana Fushigi, or Little Witch Academia: The Magic of Time and the Seven Wonders, the PlayStation 4 game will feature an original story about Akko and company searching for the titular Seven Wonders in the Luna Nova Magical Academy. 

Knowing nothing about the source material, what I see in that teaser has captured my interest and I look forward to hearing more about this title in the coming months. As of right now, there is no word of a western release. Hopefully, those Netflix viewer numbers are high enough to warrant it.

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CJ Andriessen
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