Little Nightmares II is announced at Gamescom, as the IP is the gift that keeps on giving for Bandai Namco

Coming in 2020

Little Nightmares dropped back in 2017 and made a rather large splash: as far as atmospheric adventure games go that aren’t from Playdead studios. Tarsier Studios is even returning for the sequel, Little Nightmares II, which was revealed today at Gamescom with a new trailer.

Although we don’t have a lot of info to go off of (by design) in the cryptic trailer, the developers do confirm that “much of it will take place outside,” with shifts things around a bit and gives the follow-up a different feel. As a reminder, Little Nightmares wasn’t just a one-off thing, as Bandai Namco also supplemented it with a trio of DLC stories that were told from a different perspective, but informed the overall story.

This seems like an IP that’s here to stay, and although I had issues with the original, I hope Tarsier builds on that foundation.

Chris Carter
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