Little Nightmares hits the not-so-little landmark of one million sales

Horror games, like horror movies, can surprise us

Little Nightmares came out of nowhere for me but immediately captured my attention. It makes perfect sense that Tarsier Studios, who worked on DLC and the Vita port for LittleBigPlanet, created it, as its aesthetic drew me in.

It drew in a lot of other people too, as publisher Bandai Namco has reported that in roughly a year and four months the little indie that could pushed one million copies worldwide. Studio CEO Andreas Johnsson notes that this is “beyond what we ever expected,” in sales, and is “proof that the new direction for the studio was the right choice.” If they’re going to keep making macabre, easy to digest games like this, bring it on! There’s a market for it beyond the occasional Limbo, Inside, and Lone Survivor.

Little Nightmares was released back in April of 2017 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but has since hosted a Switch release as recently as May of this year.

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