Little League World Series 2008 ships today

Little League World Series 2008 is finally shipping to major retailers today for both the Wii and Nintendo DS. Its bright and vivid retelling of the adventures and excitement of the Little League World Series tournament will surely inspire and enlighten many of those unfamiliar with America’s favorite mini-pastime. The game serves as a beacon of true brilliance and innovation, and should also captivate the casual observer with its mesmerizing visuals and realistic physics.

Our very own Samit Sarkar had a chance to play this game previously and was just as smitten with the title as I am. His impressions piece exposes the nuance of controls and game modes, so definitely check it out. Before you rush out to the stores, I beg all of you to reflect on the trailer up above. I believe I saw God in the flash player.

Very few games have ever grabbed me like this has. Hopefully every developer will decide to quit trying to cash in on the success of Wii Sports and the mass-market appeal and create a fun and original game like Little League World Series 2008.

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