Little Devil Inside Greenlit, gameplay details slip out

Please be as good as you look

Little Devil Inside‘s sudden appearance on Kickstarter was a pleasant Early April surprise. What isn’t a surprise is how quickly people supported it on Steam Greenlight.

Steven had a hard time tempering his excitement but his skeptic side wondered how this would “materialize into a game.” While we don’t yet have concrete proof that this will be as fantastimagical as we’re all hoping, Neostream has updated the Kickstarter page to further detail how the game will actually play.

Little Devil Inside is set to be an “exploration focused survival action RPG game” that “focuses more on everyday life.” Neostream is aiming to highlight the everyday minutiae between adventures just as much as the bombastic moments we saw in the reveal trailer. You’ll return to a home city for preparations, which could include standard RPG fare like upgrading your gear, or something more outlandish like preparing for the weather between you and your destination. You can also interview members for your team and send them out on missions.

The combat will include both melee and ranged combat, with the latter featuring a hybrid target system to accommodate both horde and one-on-one battles. Neostream is also planning on keeping the UI minimal, which should suit Little Devil Inside‘s aesthetic. These are all promising ideas, so I’m keeping my fingers/toes/eyes crossed that they don’t come out half-baked. I need my games golden brown (a little goo in the middle is all right, I guess).

Zack Furniss