Literal lone wolf Eustace is coming to Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Let me scritch his ears, please.

CyGames’ visually stunning fighter Granblue Fantasy: Versus is still kickin’ ass, and in fact has just announced that next DLC character joining its roster as part of the anime punch-up’s second season pass. Locked ‘n’ loaded, the sharpshooting marksman Eustace will be arriving in-game late next month.

This quite literal “lone wolf” wanders the world as a vigilante, bringing justice to Skydom and visiting harm upon those who seek to inflict pain and punishment on the innocent. A master marksman, Eustace packs heat in the form of his beautifully ornate rifle, “Flamek Thunder,” which will no doubt come into play as a part of his Granblue Fantasy: Versus fighting style.

As a weapons master, Eustace is expected to play as a ranged fighter, but we’ll know more come April 15, when our wild boy will receive an official gameplay trailer. Additionally, CyGames has also announced a third Battle Pass will be added to Granblue Fantasy: Versus in April, which will offer up numerous exclusive cosmetic items including color variants, weapon skins, avatars, and lobby cards.

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