Listen to us play Limbo, hear how great this game is

This may be a bit unconventional, but we’ve recorded audio from our play session with Playdead’s upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, Limbo. Rey, Dan and I sat in a dark room in San Francisco to play this lovely platformer while two gentlemen from Playdead watched on and laughed at us. To flat out show you what we saw in our one-hour session would easily spoil the game for you, but this audio won’t.

I’m hoping that by listening to this, you’ll hear just how incredible this game is from the excitement in our voices. Some of our reactions from this surprising and sometimes scary game are hilarious. Even though this is just a segment of our session, you’ll hear us passing off the controller to each other, mostly out of fear of dying agin. You’ll hear as we scream, snicker, and laugh out loud at key events in the game. You’ll also hear the Playdead guys laughing at our reactions. Come to think of it, they seemed to get some sick pleasure out of watching us lose over and over.

As you might have read in my preview, I’m very excited for this game. I’ve never played anything like it. I can’t wait to play it again. Scream again. Die again.

Dale North