Listen to the entire Skullmonkeys soundtrack at WorldofStuart, or die


I’m a complete idiot, and in the Neverhoods Time Forgot article I forgot to mention just where I found the wonderful Bonus Room song from. 

Also, like an idiot, I forgot to mention that more or less the entire Skullmonkeys soundtrack is available on that very site.

The website is WorldofStuart, and it includes Little Bonus Room, the Main Theme, Beans, and some extra songs from levels 1 and 2. Plus, you’ll find a startlingly indepth review of the Skullmonkeys music in general, along with a detailed history on how the music came to be. 

If you checked out the Neverhoods Time Forgot and enjoyed it, then consider WoS‘s Skullmonkeys writeup a companion piece that shouldn’t be missed. 

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