Listen to the creator of Undertale’s new Pokemon Sword and Shield song right here

Born out of a Twitter friendship

Just last week Undertale creator Toby Fox revealed that he was given the opportunity to contribute a song for Pokemon Sword & Shield‘s soundtrack, but it was left ambiguous as to what that would entail. Now, thanks to a new post on the official Pokemon website, we know exactly what that song is: so we don’t have to hunt for it on launch day.

Fox notes that “a lot of people from Game Freak” ended up becoming Undertale fans, and “out of the blue” he decided to message Go Ichinose-san, a Pokemon composer, on Twitter. That correspondence led to a friendship, which in turn led him to a meetup with other Game Freak members over sukiyaki. The rest, as they say, is history, as Fox asked for the chance to contribute to Sword & Shield, and told him “yes” over that very meal.

There is a caveat! Fox says “It’s the only song [he] made, and you can’t hear it until you beat the game,” which likely means that it’s either a postgame or credits song. The snippet we get is over a minute long, enough to get the gist of the tune. You can listen to it below!

This is a monumental achievement for Fox. Not only did he get to contribute a piece, but he’s also immortalized on with his own personal letter to fans: not many game developers can boast that. Amid all of the controversy surrounding Sword & Shield, this is a nice little heartwarming story leading into its launch.

A Special Letter and Song from Undertale Game Creator Toby Fox [Pokemon]

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