List of N64 manuals is not a confirmation of N64 Classic

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A flurry of rumours were doing the rounds on Reddit and various news sites yesterday that Nintendo had accidentally leaked a list of manuals for some classic N64 titles, leading folk to believe that the company had jumped the gun on revealing an “N64 Classic” in alignment with the NES and SNES million-sellers.

The list contained a ton of fan-favourite titles such as Super Mario 64, Mario Golf, and Zeldas Majora & Ocarina, which got some fans in a bit of a tizzy. However, the list of games also syncs up with the UK’s Virtual Console catalogue for The Big N’s former platform, the Wii U, and therein lies the dream-crushing truth.

The instruction manuals were uploaded to Nintendo’s websites months ago, likely for reference for Virtual Console customers. A tweet, displayed below, references the list from as far back as January.

While this obviously might lead to some disappointment, it is a sign of how eager the people are for news of an N64 Classic. Despite some of the console’s most famous titles being mired in licensing hell, there is still hope, given the popularity of previous Classics, that such a dream will eventually come true.

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