Lips gets a new song pack with Coldplay

I thought I’d be all over these lip synching games considering I’m a karaoke freak, but for some reason they don’t hold my attention the way Rock Band does (except Singstar Disney, that is. THAT’s my jam). However, I’m sure quite a few of you do enjoy the genre, and that announcements of new DLC for 360 title Lips will come as welcome news.

On March 13th, a DLC pack featuring indie rockers Coldplay will be available, featuring “The Scientist”, “In My Place” and “Speed of Sound”. There will also be tracks releases separately from Angels and Airwaves, The Fray, 311 and more, all available by March 6th.

A title update is also on the way early in march which will boast better vinrato detection, improved scoring and global leaderboards. Now you can actually prove that your wailing rendition of Coldplay’s finest is better than your best friend’s (or maybe not).

[Via Gamerscore blog]

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