Lionsgate says world wide Wii movie channel soon

So Lionsgate Films, the guys behind the Saw series and a ton of other movies, want and believe that the Wii will have a movie channel world wide and soon. Speaking to Lionsgate’s president of digital media Curt Mavis let it be known that Lionsgate is looking at digital distrubtuion over gaming consoles in a big way and that the Wii is a big part of that plan.

“As for Wii, I imagine the Wii’s movie store will launch worldwide soon,” he said. “The essential point is that the game machine is already connected into the TV, and we see it as a major conduit inside the home to bring movies via the internet into the television. Our horror and action movies are ideal for the Xbox and PlayStation’s hardcore audience, while the broader audience of the Wii are likely to enjoy our more mass-market properties.


This pretty much backs up what Iwata said at the launch of the Wii video service in Japan, and makes a bit more sense than the weak rumor about Netflix showing up on the system. If it does happen soon the lack of HD will probably drive most readers here to the 360 and PS3, but then again HD isn’t that big a deal to the majority of the population since the majority of the population doesn’t have an HD television. I would wager that Mavis is right and the Wii will bring them a good amount of cash once if the channel comes to the rest of the world. 


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